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Human Tecar

Designed to reactivate the natural reparative processes by intervening on the circulatory system, Human Tecar technology for efficacy, flexibility and the almost total absence of contraindications is a valuable tool in very distant contexts: sports medicine, physiotherapy rehabilitation, pain therapy, surgery plastic and aesthetic medicine

With this new tool, exclusive to Human Tecar, biocompatible energy can be transferred that is able to intensely stimulate the tissues by activating in a physiological way all those systems designed to bring oxygen and nutrition where it is needed and to eliminate pain-causing catabolites more quickly.

In essence, the Human Tecar technology, now included in the therapeutic itineraries by the most experienced doctors at an international level, activates and accelerates the natural repair processes by drastically reducing recovery times


The treatment consists of a slight mechanical vibration that is applied to individual muscles. There are no electric currents or magnetic fields.

The treatment lasts 30-60 minutes a day for 3 consecutive days.

Its effects are persistent with a duration ranging from 2-3 months to 12 months in neurological forms and from 6 months to permanent in orthopedic forms.

The innovativeness and effectiveness lie in the Cro┬«System’s ability to directly strengthen nerve networks. Its effects consist of: increase or decrease of muscle tone, depending on the pathology, increase in strength, resistance to fatigue, coordination, sensitivity.

Applications: Cervical Osteoarthritis, Arthritis and Arthrosis, Sciatica and sciatica, Third Age, Sport, Wellness and Beauty

Selective mechanical-sound wave system for non-invasive treatment of muscular and neuro-muscular pathologies.

Vibra is an innovative device capable of producing vibrations with a high therapeutic value, capable of inducing metabolic and neuro-physiological adaptive responses in the neuro-muscular chain and in the myo-articular structures of the organism.

Thanks to the modifications induced by the use of particular frequencies, Vibra accelerates functional recovery by improving proprioception, muscle tone, physical resistance and muscle coordination.

Vibra is able to:

  • improve proprioception and postural balance
  • maintaining and optimizing muscle tone and trophism
  • increase physical endurance
  • improve muscle coordination

Thanks to the innovative Vibra system, the patient’s re-education times are reduced and improved, halving the cost of rehabilitation.

The vibrations for therapeutic purposes are used effectively in the fields of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, Pain Therapy, Posturology, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Aesthetic Medicine.