Our Mission

The mission of the PADRE PIO ONLUS REHABILITATION CENTERS FOUNDATION is to protect the dignity and improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families through health and social rehabilitation interventions, taking charge not only of disability as such, but also of the personal and family suffering that accompanies it.

To this end, two elements are important: that of welcoming, which responds to the commitment to put at ease (internal availability and listening) those who access our services and that
of the valorization of life, in all its expressions, which helps operators to discover the value
of people who suffer as a particular object of God’s love.
In all its activities the Foundation wants to be a place where charity is expressed towards others through:

  • Welcoming, care, knowledge;
    • Rehabilitation (to restore functionality or reduce difficulties and debilitating outcomes;
    • improve quality of life) considering the involvement and participation of the user as a priority involvement of his family to the individual rehabilitation project (PRI);
    • Human promotion (identifying and enhancing the potential of each person considered as bearer of value and dignity);


Specifically, in the rehabilitative scientific activity:

• The global approach to the person, which takes into account his / her existential situation and not only the compromised functions to be reactivated or specific needs to be met;
• The commitment to team work that favors the integration of individual contributions and respect to the specific professional skills of the various team members;
• The need to ensure precise, objective information on disability, its implications and existing measures.

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