Quality Policy

The PADRE PIO ONLUS REHABILITATION CENTERS FUNDATION of San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) is an organization that since 1971, has been operating in the field of non-hospital private rehabilitation, institutionally accredited for the provision of rehabilitation health services in continuous cycle, outpatient, home and extramural (in the province of Foggia) and socio-healthcare residential care in the Municipality of Isernia.
To this end, the Foundation wants to:

  • Ensure continuity of continuous cycle rehabilitation services;
  • Satisfy in a priority manner the needs of its users;
  • Maintain a leadership position within their business sector;
  • Increasing investments for equipment modernization;
  • Identify new services that can be offered to the customers;
  • Improve the moral and material conditions of members and families, undertaking to ensure at least the current employment conditions;
  • Adapt facilities to current safety and environmental regulations.

The PADRE PIO ONLUS REHABILITATION CENTERS FOUNDATION, through the application of a System of Management oriented to the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards, aims to refine its capacity to respond to the market, both in terms of technical competence and reliability, ensuring that the service provided is fully satisfactory for users and all parties interested and based on solid foundations of professionalism.
To this end, the Management undertakes to:

  • Promote the maximum involvement of all personnel in the effective and efficient management of Quality management system;
  • Respect the national and international regulations in force, with particular reference to those relating to the health sector;
  • Qualifying and periodically evaluating its suppliers;
  • Plan and monitor activities, with regard to all interested parties;
  • Proceed with the periodic review of what is established by this policy and the data collected, promoting new initiatives, in a logic of continuous improvement of its Quality Management System
  • To make the company staff aware of continuous improvement in every activity;
  • Create correct information channels, both outside and inside the Foundation.
  • Implement an Annual Clinical Risk Management Plan according to JCI standards.

The Foundation will pursue and achieve these objectives only with the commitment of all its members, it is therefore essential that all those who work within it adhere to the spirit and operating methods of this quality policy in order to achieve the results we hope for in terms of efficiency, user satisfaction and satisfaction of all the members involved parties.

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