The Directorate

The Directorate

The Directorate of the Foundation is home to the office of the President, the General Directorate known as the “Executive” and the staff offices.┬áThe Management provides for the definition of the overall policies of the company and explicates the objectives to be achieved, both for the type, the volumes and the quality of the performances and services that it intends to provide. The Management explicates the principals, the operating units and the other organizational units, the role, the objectives and the functions assigned to them. Every year, taking into account the different degree of complexity of the services provided, it defines the work plan that includes:

  • the type and volume of activities envisaged, general and specific for each facility;
  • the organizational, general and specific plan for each unit;
  • the programs to be implemented with relative priorities;
  • the directives for administrative and managerial action;
  • the budget, where applicable.

It prepares information material available to users, which specifies the type of services provided, operators responsible for the services, timetables and costs.

Defines and specifies the organization and management policies of human and economic resources, general and for every presidium, articulated by:

  • outpatient activities;
  • admission activity to continuous and diurnal cycles (acuti and post-acute).

Defines the procedures for accessing the services. In particular, it defines the procedures relating to:

  • booking and provision of services, in relation to the criteria of priority and maximum waiting times defined, with indication of the responsibility for managing the agendas and the registers for booking the services;
  • method of measuring waiting times;
  • payment methods for solvent users.

It defines the ways in which it guarantees the continuity of assistance to the patient in the event of emergencies or unexpected events (clinical, organizational, technological).

It defines the general administrative procedures, by individual supervision and by organizational structure, and the integration procedures between technical-administrative services and health services. These procedures are brought to the attention of internal users.

Finally, it defines the procedures relating to the documents proving the health activity with particular reference to:

  • procedures for completing and reporting (the reporting methods must allow the identification of the principal and / or manager);
  • method of conservation;
  • archiving mode.


Fr. Piero Vivoli
V.le Cappuccini, 77
Tel. 0882451195 – Fax 0882/450050

Direttore Generale
Dott. Giovanni Di PiIla
V.le Cappuccini, 77
Tel. 0882451195 – Fax 0882/450050

Direttore Amministrativo
Dott. Salvatore Ettore Vitulano
V.le Cappuccini, 77
Tel. 0882451195 – Fax 0882/450050

Direttore Risorse Umane
Dott.ssa Rosangela Francesca Fiorentino
V.le Cappuccini, 77
Tel. 0882451195 – Fax 0882/450050

Direttore Sanitario Aziendale
Dr.ssa Valentina Simone
V.le Cappuccini, 77
Tel. 0882451195 – Fax 0882/450050