Health Fitness Gym

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From March 1, 2015, a highly technological gym was inaugurated, next to the “Gli Angeli di Padre Pio” presidium, open to all external users who want to undergo adapted physical and sports activities.

It has been shown that in many chronic diseases the disabling process is aggravated by a sedentary lifestyle that itself becomes the cause of new impairments and functional limitations. The scientific literature suggests that this vicious circle can be corrected with adequate programs of regular physical activity and continued over time. In this sense, the last National and Regional Health Plans were inspired which, with regard to correct lifestyles, identify regular physical activity for the adult and elderly population as a specific objective, referring in particular to the Adapted Physical Activity (AFA ) that in the Foundation becomes Adapted Physical and Sports Activity (AFSA).


Adapted Physical and Sports Activities (AFSA) are group exercise programs, designed for people with chronic illnesses, aimed at lifestyle modification for secondary and tertiary prevention of disability.

The new medical approach aims at the search for well-being thanks to the active participation of the person, who must be put in a position to learn how to maintain his state of health and how to prevent diseases and complications through diet and physical and sports exercise.


  • All patients at the end of a rehabilitation program
  • people with neurological, orthopedic, rheumatologic, geriatric, physiatric, oncological, endocrinological, cardiological, pneumological diseases in stabilized phase
  • children and young people with scoliosis or postural defects
  • healthy sedentary subjects: prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, osteo-articular diseases (lumbago, osteoporosis, prevention of falls), neoplasms
  • subject with reduced motor capacity induced by age or for clinically stabilized chronic pathology
  • excluded subjects with clinical instability, acute symptoms or post-acute problems that can be attacked with health care and rehabilitation programs.


Simply call 0882456264-74 specifying in the request “Health Fitness Evaluation”