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For a correct rehabilitation approach it is necessary for the osteopath to have objective assessments. TBed is equipped with a dense network of sensors capable of recording both the tensions of the posterior chains and the postural symmetries of the patient in question in real time.

The ultimate goal is that the evaluation carried out by the system will help the osteopath to better understand his patient, also demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatment performed.


The real revolution of the TBed system is feedback treatment. When the osteopath exercises a given pressure on the patient, it is automatically read by the sensor arrays inserted in the four TBed sections and displayed on the computer in real time. The bed from a simple “Passive” accessory to the treatment has become an “Active” system for the hands of the osteopath.

Osteopath thanks to the TBed software can modulate the intensity of its operations, the duration and the frequency of the intervention with precision.