Postural Line

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The Postural Line represents a highly effective system for analyzing and re-educating postural imbalances.

Consisting of four systems that, by integrating with each other, make it possible to respect the correct evaluation procedure of postural disorders, consisting of static, dynamics, proprioceptive control of the trunk and muscle chains.

  • Stability-MF. It allows an assessment of the static posture and its use constitutes the first phase of the circuit. The system it is equipped with provides the subject’s Center of Pressure (C.O.P.) on the ground, assessing its balance and orthostatic symmetry.
  • Prokin-MF. It evaluates and trains the ability to control proprioceptive, both in a monopodal and bipodal manner, in consideration of the fact that posture is not only static, but also dynamic.
  • Balance Trunk-MF. It selectively stimulates both the pelvic and thoracic areas. The trunk in fact represents the reference point of the posture and a correct proprioceptive control modifies it significantly.
  • Postural Bench-MF. Evaluates and stimulates the tensions and symmetries of the posterior chain in a simple and intuitive way. The muscular chains of the posterior part of the body are the scaffolding responsible of the postural equilibrium and their rigidity or their evident asymmetry, inevitably causes a pathology.