Balance-SD e Prokin 252

What it is and what it is used for

Static and dynamic proprioceptive platform for the assessment and training of balance and proprioception disorders and for the prevention of falls risk. Also present is the device for the rehabilitation of the balance of the trunk in a sitting position.

Treated pathologies

  • Vestibular disorders
  • Neurological disorders: stroke, parkinson, alzheimer, dementia, multiple sclerosis, cerebellar pathologies, meningitis
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Postural deficits
  • Somatic-sensory: asthenia, hypomobility, pain, peripheral, central neuropathy
  • Orthopedic disorders: hip, knee, ankle, amputee,
  • Sports
  • Prevention of falls


Balance-SD e Prokin 252 in action

Reference facility

San Giovanni Rotondo

Access to benefits

  • In agreement during hospitalization at “Gli Angeli di Padre Pio”
  • Privately after physiatric evaluation

Tel. 0882.456264 Fax 0882.453817

Balance-SD e Prokin 252

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